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  • Neurofeedback & Biofeedback

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    Brain Gym Using  Neurofeedback and Biofeedback

    This is a different type of gym that offers a variety of mindfulness options or ways to train your brain. Brain gyms, mindfulness gyms, or wellness gyms—regardless of the name are similar concepts.  Much like you go to a physical gym to take a cardio class or lift weights to exercise your body, here you exercise your mind. Here at the Brain Gym, we take care of your mind and body.   At the Brain Gym, clients can participate in talk therapy with a licensed mental health practitioners as well as in engage in biofeedback and neurofeedback brain training.

    What is neurofeedback?

    Neurofeedback, also known as “brain feedback” is a non-invasive method of direct brain functioning training. It is a specific type of biofeedback and is also known as “EEG Biofeedback.” It uses sensors placed on the patient’s scalp to record the EEG (brainwaves) and control auditory, visual, and tactile feedback which allows learning and self-regulation to take place.

    What is biofeedback?

    Biofeedback is built on the concept of “mind over matter.” The idea is that, with proper techniques, you can change your health by being mindful of how your body responds to stressors and other stimuli. Biofeedback is a non-pharmaceutical method of treatment in which patients are trained to control their own physiology in order to improve physical and psychological health.

    Benefits of using Neurofeedback and Biofeedback:

    • Cognitive/memory enhancement/ learning disabilities
    • Psychological issues: depression, anxiety, ADHD, ED
    • Emotional dysregulation
    • Couples work
    • Sleep issues
    • Stress Management
    • Peak performance/ creativity

    Feel free to give us a call or email to inquiry about our attractive Brain Gym packages. Payment options: credit card, cash, and payment plans available. Biofeedback and or neurofeedback pay be covered by some insurance plans. [email protected]