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    Listed below are resources for clinicians and clients. These resources are practical guides for either developing your own practice, implementing stress management programs, or for self-development.

    The Mindfulness Response: Inner Happiness Every Day

    Want to be happy despite what life throws your way? Learn the secrets of true happiness by changing the way you see the glass—half full, half empty, or simply as a glass.

    Learn the tools that you’ll need to live a life that’s both enriching and meaningful. This exciting technique can be easily learned to help deal with everyday problems as well as the inevitable major issues of life.

    The Mindfulness Response: Inner Happiness Every Day will give you the tools that you will need to live a life that is both enriching and meaningful. This exciting technique that can be easily learned and adapted into your daily life, will assist you in dealing with everyday problems as well as the inevitable major issues of life.

    Believe or not, you already have everything you need right now to bring the mindfulness response into play in your own life—it is easier than you think to restore balance and happiness in life. Dr. Moore provides exercises, step-by-step techniques, and activities for you to begin your own mindful practice. You will quickly see results.

    Who Helps The Helper…

    Provides a proven system for effective stress management for law-enforcement officers — created by a law-enforcement officer. Licensed therapist Dr. Deborah C. Moore, a twenty-one-year veteran of the New York City Police Department, here leverages her own extensive counseling work, as well as her years of front-line patrol experience and her principles of effective departmental leadership. The system Moore outlines in the book was developed from first-hand lessons drawn as a “helper to the helpers” and as an NYPD officer and leader. (She retired as a lieutenant.)

    Dr. Moore’s book has two main sections. In Part I, she shares her own personal journey from applicant to rookie recruit to seasoned senior officer, with stops for her Master’s and Doctorate degrees in counseling along the way. She shares first-hand experiences with the dangers and difficulties of police work, both on and off the beat, and explores the fateful decision to “help the helper” by taking on a formal peer counseling role within the Department.

    In Part II, Dr. Moore shares successful case studies based loosely on her experiences as a counselor working with officers facing potentially debilitating stressors; shows how both administrative and “front-line” challenges can present major obstacles to a balanced emotional life; examines the stigmas associated with handling emotional issues in a law-enforcement environment; and explores the complex ways in which domestic and work-related stressors can reinforce and intensify each other in the absence of effective coping skills. She also provides a powerful model for identifying effective coping skills for officers — her proprietary E.B.C. Principle™ — and shares over a dozen exercises designed to allow concerned peers like herself to implement her proven tactics for restoring emotional balance and well-being in any police department.